The Shocking Truth About Love Spells

Have you lost the person you love? Has your relationship suddenly or unexpectedly ended? Are you desperate to be with someone but they show no interest in you? Are you thinking of using magic love spells? Then please read this page, because you are a prime target for scammers.

Being in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you is one of the most agonising experiences life can throw at you. If that is the situation you are in right now, I understand how you feel. I’ve been there too.

You’ve probably tried everything to get back with the one you love: letters that mine the depths of your emotions, painstakingly written poetry that tries to express the way you feel, flowers — or grander gestures, and late night text messages and phone calls perhaps fuelled by alcohol. All in an effort to explain how you feel. If only you could make them understand that just one more chance is all you need to prove it can work. To prove that you could be happy together.

But nothing works, and the pain of the situation grips you in its claw, squeezing the life out of you. Desperation strangles you. You cast helplessly around, trying to grasp any last straw of hope, but there are none, and your helplessness closes in, slowly drowning you.

And now you have arrived on this website, because you are prepared to try anything, maybe even magic. And why not? After all, there are plenty of people on the internet who claim they can cast love spells.

Listen carefully, because I have to tell you something very important about websites selling love spells…

The Trouble With Love Spells…

…is that most so-called love spell casters are out to scam you. They want to take advantage of you while you are down. I know this, because when my relationship ended, I went and tried all the love spells sites out there. Every single one.

Between them, they took me for almost every cent I had. I used to blame myself for getting taken in by them, but the truth is the people who run those websites are smart.

“Robert, I was just scammed by this guy that asked for $150 for items, and now turned around and asked me for $180 for blood because that's that's what the Oracle said I have to do to sacrifice. I'm so upset... I told him I don't have the money and he told me to try harder. He got me for my money."

Melanie J



Most love spell sites are actually run by skilled conmen and women. These people might be morally-challenged, but they are clever, and they know how to push all the right emotional buttons, how to look and sound convincing. They put up pretty pictures of ‘witch doctors’ or ‘voodoo practitioners’ from far-off lands. You might have seen them?

They don’t talk about money up front, because they want to draw you in. Usually the only way you can contact them is through an international phone number, or sometimes through online chat. There’s a very good reason for that — it’s because they know that once they can talk to you in person, they can manipulate you and take you for thousands. Literally thousands.

“Robert, you are right about other so called spell casters out there who are scams. I know this because I have dealt with them and their spells did not work. It's either they did not know what they were doing or they were just sitting at home, very happy about the cash they get out of people. I have spent thousands of dollars to get my ex boyfriend back. One of the psychics asked me for $20,000. I did not give it to her because I do not have that kind of money. Even if I did. I would not give it to her or any other fakes who ask for it."

Myrtle R.


I went through that experience myself. I’m ashamed to say I went through it more than once, such was my own desperation when the love of my life — Clare — left me out of the blue. You can read my story here if you are interested in how I did eventually manage to get Clare back, and how I ended up co-creating the successful Morphic Love Spell in the process.

How They Get You

These scams all work in basically the same way:


You make contact with the spell caster. It might be by phone (usually to an international number), or messenger, or sometimes even email. The reason for this is two-fold: First, because they want your contact information, and second, because…


…they listen to your story. This is crucial, because once they have some personal details like the name of the person you are in love with, what happened in the past, etc, they use that information to twist the knife and make you feel worse (yet all the time they will sound supportive).


They offer to cast a spell. They might ask for a small payment, they might not. It doesn’t matter, the real damage is done in the next step.


At some point, they will get in touch with you again (this is why they got your number or email address in step 1). They will tell you that your case is complex, or that they encountered some kind of barrier, or that they have to buy some kind of materials, or that you have to make some sort of sacrifice. However they frame it, the message will be the same: your spell isn’t going to work unless you pay a bit of money for the next step. Because you are desperate, and because they sound convincing, and because you have already invested hope in these people, you pay up.


Now you’re stuck in a circle of doom. They will repeat step 4 — asking for more money from you — indefinitely. As long as you keep paying up, they’ll keep coming up with reasons why you need to send them more money. Any resistance you put up will be met with an increasingly hostile response.They will tell you that any hope of love will be lost forever if you do not pay. In extreme cases they may even threaten to cast some kind of revenge spell on you if you don't pay them. You are their emotional hostage and there is no easy escape.

Good Luck

At some point you will either run out of money, or you will realise that there was never any spell and the whole thing is a scam. So you stop sending good money after bad.

Of course, these so-called spell casters won’t offer you a refund. They're smart. They will have asked for payment by Western Union, or some other transfer method that gives you absolutely no recourse. And because they are usually based in Africa or another country that is not where you live, your local law enforcement won’t be interested in going after them.

The scammers are literally laughing all the way to the bank with your hard-earned cash. And now you’re not just alone, you are broke and alone.

“Good morning. I. have tried so many casters and such and unfortunately I have been scammed thousands of dollars :( that I am in the midst of trying to resolve. I have been scammed and burned so many times."

Lourdes C.


I was taken for more than three thousand dollars by scams like these. I was so desperate to believe that I fell for more than one. Fortunately, I met Robin, and that’s when things turned around.

A Better Way?

There is a better way to be with the person you love. Our Morphic Love Spell not only works brilliantly, but more importantly it protects you and your investment:

I cannot reiterate that first point enough: The only way to be absolutely 100% certain that a love spell has been cast, is to cast it yourself. Sending money to someone who says they will cast a spell for you is a folly — you might as well take the cash and set fire to it — the effect on your love life will be the same. And actually, casting your own spell is easy, relaxing, and enjoyable.

If you'd like to find out how I escaped of the circle of doom, how I met Robin, how I got Clare back, and how Robin and I created the Morphic Love Spell click here.

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