Robert’s Story

How I Got Back My Ex, And Ended Up Helping To Create The Morphic Love Spell

If you’ve read the page about love spell scams, you’ll know that after the love of my life — Clare — walked out on me, I soon found myself being conned out of thousands of dollars when I started looking for a love spell to get her back.

At first it all sounded convincing. The spell caster (or more often, their ‘representative’) would ask all about my personal situation. Armed with that knowledge, they’d repeat it back to me in such a way that they sounded caring and concerned, but at the same time they twisted the knife, playing hard on my own anguish and making me feel even more dejected, before then offering me a lifeline. By then I would be completely hooked, ready to do anything they asked because I was in such a state of emotional turmoil.

At this point, some of the casters would ask for a small payment in return for casting a powerful love spell. They said it covered my “karmic obligation” for the spell. Others, perhaps the smarter ones, told me they would cast a spell for free. They claimed it would be wrong to charge for their ‘gift’.

Whichever way it started, things always progressed the same with these people. Time would pass — maybe a few hours, maybe a few days — but they would always eventually get back in touch to tell me they needed to cast a different spell, because my case was “complicated”. Funnily enough, this new spell would require more time or materials (or both), and so I would need to send more money. And then there would be another complication, and so I would need to send more money, and more, and more…

Before I knew it, I had spent over $3650 on love spells! I was almost wiped out before I came to my senses and realised what a scam these sites were. There were never any spells, these people were doing one thing and one thing only — they were taking my cash and banking it! They were experts alright — expert con artists.

I was devastated. If you’ve tried any of these sites then I’m sure you know how I felt. Not only was I no nearer to getting back the woman I loved, I was now completely broke as well. Love spells had been the last door of hope for me, and that door had just slammed shut in my face. I felt myself drowning in my own despair.

A Different Approach To Love Spells

Then a chance meeting with a friend of a friend changed everything.

I had this colleague at work — well, a friend really. We had become friends when we both joined a startup company right at the same time. Anyway, because he’d known me for years, he could see the change in me even though I was doing my best to hide my deep depression. Seeing how unhappy I was, after work one evening he insisted that I went with him to a small back-street bar. There was someone he wanted me to meet.

I was reluctant, but I had nothing else to do and I figured this would pass some time, and give me a break from thinking about my desperate situation. I was glad I went, because it is not an exaggeration to say that the meeting in that bar changed my life.

The person I met was called Robin Stone. He was an ordinary looking guy, the sort you would pass in the street without a second glance. Though if you had glanced a second time, you would have noticed a keen intelligence in his kind eyes.

We were introduced, then dismissing all pleasantries, Robin said to me, “I want to help you. I know you’re unhappy, I know why, and I know that I can help.” He then went on to describe to me something that seemed both incredible, yet strangely logical at the same time.

Robin’s Story

Robin started by encouraging me to keep an open mind. Then he asked if I had ever heard of love spells. I told him briefly of my experiences. Although I am a naturally shy person and not prone to sharing intimate secrets with anyone — let alone strangers in a bar — I thought this guy was going to try and sell me another scam, and I wanted to make my thoughts on those perfectly clear.

He heard me out, and let me calm myself down before he continued.

Robin explained to me that indeed most love spells to be found on the internet are just scams. Those phone numbers for far off countries where the witch doctors and voodoo practitioners live? Turns out they are run by people in America and Europe. They’re ‘virtual’ phone numbers that redirect to a regular cell phone! The scammers just take calls wherever they happen to be. They could be out shopping, or watching TV, or even working a regular job. The witch doctor scam is a money-printing machine for them. Once again I felt my shame at having been taken in by these people. Robin must have seen that in me, because he told me not to worry, I wasn’t alone and that these people were professionals at the top of their game. It wasn’t my fault, he said.

But then he told me that there is a factual basis for magic, and that it is possible to get back an ex — or to make almost anyone love you — using a sort of spell.

As you can probably guess, I was very skeptical indeed. I wanted to get up and leave the bar there and then, but out of respect to my friend, and because Robin had patiently listened to my story, I swallowed my pride and stayed and listened.

Robin went on to explain to me how the word magic has come to be associated with any natural phenomenon that cannot easily be explained by science. As scientists make more and more new discoveries, things that were previously thought to be magical become accepted as normal.

For example, before we understood the effects of static electricity in the air, the thunder and lightning of a storm was thought to be extremely magical. As he pointed out, in some less developed civilisations this is still the case, and a storm is considered to be a very magical event. But because we in the developed world understand the science behind it, we think of a thunderstorm as perfectly normal.

Robin then introduced me to the concept of universal energy waves. These are like radio or microwaves, but they exist at a frequency scientists cannot detect with current methods.

I asked him how he could know these waves were really there if they cannot be detected, but he told me that although the waves themselves cannot be seen, scientists have already been able to prove their existence by their effects. He said it’s like how you can’t see microwaves, but you know they exist because you can see the effect they have on the pizza you put in a microwave oven.

In fact, scientists have even given these waves a name. They are called morphic fields. I was still skeptical, but when I got home later that night, I researched this some more and found out that it was all true.

I was wondering what the point of all this science talk was, I couldn’t see what it had to do with love spells or, selfishly, my situation. Robin must have read my mind, because at that moment he went on to explain why he was telling me all of this.

You’ve Already Seen Morphic Field ‘Magic’

He told me that these morphic fields (I’ll call them MFs for short) connect everything. Every single atom in the universe is hooked into the MFs. And that means that there was a kind of connection between me and Clare. This connection, he said, could be used to channel love between us, and bring us back together. Robin said MFs — morphic fields — were the key to making ‘love spells’ that really work.

Once again I couldn’t help feeling skeptical, but Robin blew me away when he told me that I had already experienced the effect of MFs myself.

“Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone you’ve not spoken to for ages, and then out of the blue they call you, or you bump into them on the street?,” he asked.

I considered that for a moment. “Yeah,” I said. “Actually that happened a few weeks back. I was daydreaming about an old schoolfriend who I hadn’t thought about in years, and that afternoon I got an email from him. He was inviting me to a reunion.”

That, Robin said, was a simple example of MFs in action. When someone sits down to type out an email to me, they are thinking specifically about me, and that thought process sets up a kind of weak energy channel between us. Scientifically speaking, this happens through a process called quantum entanglement. I looked it up later that night, and although it was fascinating, it went a bit over my head if I’m entirely honest. It’s all to do with the vibration of sub-atomic particles, and the fact electrons can theoretically exist in multiple places at the same time. Einstein was into this stuff; he called it “spooky action at a distance.” So even Einstein thought morphic fields were kind of magical. It blew my mind, but it’s a really hot area of science at the moment, and researchers are using quantum entanglement to come up with new kinds of computers, and ultra-secure encryption, and all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, Robin said that if the schoolfriend who was writing the email to me was in a mental state whereby he was ‘transmitting’ his intention, through quantum entanglement I could pick up that energy like a radio signal, and I would feel his intent. In fact, Robin said, this process is so common we even have a word for it: instinct.

Most of the time when we feel we know something instinctively, it’s MFs that are the cause, he explained. They are constantly transmitting knowledge and intention, and sometimes we pick up that information and feel it as instinct.

Okay, so I could see how if MFs connect every atom in the universe through quantum entanglement, then that meant I had a connection to Clare. “Does this mean I could use that connection to, I don’t know, send her some of my love?” I asked. I could sort of sense where this was going, but it was a bit fuzzy and I wasn’t connecting all the dots yet.

“You’re on the right track,” Robin said to me. “Yes, you can use MFs to transmit your love to her.”

“The thing is, Clare already knows how I feel about her. She doesn’t need to know it instinctively, she knows it from all the phone calls and letters and emails and texts I’ve sent her. So how will this help?”

“Because she will feel your love as her own,” Robin said. He took a sip of his drink while he waited for some noise at a nearby table to die down, and started to explain. “There’s a process in the brain called limbic resonance—“

“Oh, I’ve heard of the limbic system. It’s part of our monkey brain, right?” I stopped short, embarrassed that I had cut him off.

Robin didn’t mind. He smiled. “That’s right. Some people call it the monkey brain, some people call it the lizard brain. In evolutionary terms it’s the oldest part of the brain, the part associated with our deepest emotions and instincts.”

Instinct. There was that word again.

Robin continued, “The limbic system is where we feel emotion. It also happens to be the part of the brain that is most in tune with morphic fields. Limbic resonance is where empathy comes from. It’s how the brain tunes in to the emotional states of other people. It’s not a conscious thing, it’s so deep inside the brain it is out of our control. We have these neurones called mirror neurones; they literally mirror the emotions we see in those around us. It’s why if you see a child in pain, for example, you can’t help but feel sorry for it and imagine the pain it is experiencing. The limbic system is resonating with their pain.”

Now I was connecting the dots...

“So that means,” I said, sitting on the edge of my stool as I began to feel excitement and hope stirring in my belly, “that if I somehow send my love for Clare to her limbic system through these morphic fields, her mirror neurones will react and she’ll empathetically feel that love?”

Robin grinned. “That’s exactly right. And because this love will be felt on a subconscious level, she will feel it as her own love. She will feel love for you. There will be no distinction in her mind about where the emotion originated. She will just love you,” he added, simply.

I sat in silence for a moment. On the one hand, this sounded too good to be true. I had a ton of questions, but there was one I couldn’t get past. “Isn’t that…” I hesitated. Robin said nothing, waiting for me to gather my thoughts. “Isn’t that…like, manipulating her? I want her to love me for who I am, not to force some kind of fake love on her.”

He nodded patiently. “What is fake love? What is real love? If you want to be scientific about it, then on a biological level, love is nothing more than a particular cocktail of chemicals released into the brain when we think about someone, or when we are with them. Does it matter how that biological process gets started?”

I could see where he was coming from, but it still felt odd.

“Think of it this way,” Robin continued. “Imagine you were back with Clare and you decided you wanted to start a family, but had trouble conceiving. If you went for IVF treatment, and that treatment was successful, when your child was born, would it be any less of a real child than if you had conceived naturally?”

“Of course not!” I said, louder than I meant to. A few heads in the bar turned to stare at me, but I didn’t care. I was thinking about how amazing it would be to start a family with Clare, and the idea that any child we had together would somehow be less real if it was conceived by IVF was bizarre.

“Right. So why should a love that occurs because you kick-start it through limbic resonance be any less real than a love that occurs naturally? How does love even occur naturally anyway?” Robin asked.

I had to admit, there was no difference. And now all I could think about was starting a family with Clare. Robin had planted the seed of hope in my mind, and I had to know more.

“Okay, I think I’m sold on the concept,” I said. “How do I transmit my love then? It can’t just be that I have to think about her, because believe me, I’ve thought about nothing else for months.”

This, Robin said, was the crucial point, and one of the main reasons MFs haven’t become widely used yet. He bought me another drink (orange juice — I was off alcohol because it’s a depressive and I was depressed enough), and explained some more.

To tap into MF energy, you need to be in a very relaxed state of mind. Our brains generate electrical energy all the time. They also receive electrical energy, like a regular FM radio. When we are awake and performing normal activities, this energy is of a high level — about 30-40 cycles every second. When we sleep (in other words, when we are most relaxed), the energy level drops to about 10 cycles per second or lower. At that level, the brain is perfectly tuned in to the frequency of the morphic fields all around us. But because we are asleep, we can’t do anything with them.

The trick then, is to be able to lower our brain-wave activity to 10 cycles per second, but without going to sleep. If we can achieve that, said Robin, we can consciously tap into the MFs, and use them to our advantage.

The Breakthrough

I could see what Robin meant. If MFs connected everything, including me and Clare, and if I could control those MFs, I could send intense feelings of love to her. Through limbic resonance she would feel it instinctively, and would feel it as her own love for me. Like IVF, I would be giving nature a helping hand. Of course it was all great in theory, but how could I get my brain-wave activity to the right kind of level? And what would I do with it when it was there?

Once again, Robin had the answers. And this was the reason he had wanted to meet me. He had been working on a revolutionary new system, a way of allowing anyone to lower their brain-wave activity to 10 cycles per second, without any special training.

Normally, he said, with years of training and practice, it was possible to control brain-wave frequency more or less at will. But his system allowed anyone to do it instantly, and perfectly safely.

The system involved him talking me into a light meditative state — a kind of waking sleep. The same state we are in when we daydream, he said, except this would be done intentionally and entirely under my control. Once there, he would guide me through a simple visualisation exercise where I would make pictures in my head. This would make my brain’s limbic system connect through the MFs to Clare’s limbic system, and would send that all-important intuitive feeling of love and desire to her.

Robin’s proposal was to take me through this process. He had done it with some other people, and the results had been astounding. He felt his discovery was so important that he should try to help as many people as he could.

This was a lot to take in in one evening, and we had been talking for so long it was getting quite late. I left the bar telling him I would think about all he had said.

Theory Turns Into Action

After a sleepless night turning it all over in my head, I couldn’t wait to get back to work the next day to see my friend and ask him when we could next talk to Robin. I had decided to give it a try — after all — I had nothing to lose.

We arranged to meet at my friend’s house that evening. We needed a quiet location where we wouldn’t be disturbed. I was apprehensive, and still a bit skeptical that Robin was going to ask me for money. But I need not have feared.

We started as soon as I arrived. Robin had asked me to bring a couple of objects with me. These he said, would help focus the subconscious mind, as well as acting as a kind of conduit for the MFs. These objects were arranged as required on the table in front of me, and we began the process of casting a very real love spell.

During the spell, I remained awake and in control at all times. I had been slightly afraid that this might be some kind of hypnotic trick, but it wasn’t anything like that. It was just me relaxing, and Robin talking, telling me the pictures I needed to make in my mind.

Truly Revolutionary

As Robin talked, he played a special recording he had made. This recording was just a weird kind of sound, but it was the breakthrough that made all of the difference.

The sound included a harmonic frequency that had been specially engineered so that as I listened to it, my brain-wave activity slowed to just the right level. This is what allowed me to reach the all important 10-cycles-a-second frequency without any special training.

It was an amazing experience. Although the process itself only lasted about seven or eight minutes, I came out of it feeling immensely refreshed, and full of joy and happiness. I had a deep feeling that what we had done had worked, and that Clare would be coming back to me.

Robin calmed me down a bit, and told me that normally the spell needed to be done a number times to be sure to work. So I met with him a few more times, and we repeated the process. Each time we finished the spell, I felt more and more confident that Clare was coming back to me. It was like instinct, but stronger.

A few days after my final casting, Clare called me. She told me she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me all week. As she spoke, it was like a dream becoming a reality. She was saying the very words I had been so desperate to hear for so long.

She told me that perhaps she had been too hasty in leaving. That perhaps we should see each other a bit and see how we got on. I was crying tears of joy when that phone call finally ended. It was like I couldn’t feel my body anymore, I was floating in the air. I’ve never felt anything like it, and I will never, ever forget it, as long as I live.

I Got My Ex Back. And Now You Can Too

I was so overjoyed to get back with Clare that I made a vow to try to help as many people as I could. I knew the agony that a broken relationship caused, and now I knew the undiluted joy of getting back together. I wanted to bring that joy to everyone else who was suffering.

I got back in touch with Robin and arranged to meet. I had a plan in my head, and I needed to convince him to help me.

My plan was simple. I wanted to find a way of “bottling up” this incredible ‘magic’ Robin had discovered, and getting it out to as many people who needed it as I possibly could.

He didn’t take much convincing, after all, he had already been trying to help out those in need. So between us, we figured out a solution.

The Morphic Love Spell Is Born

We wanted to be able to help as many people as we could. And to do that, we needed to make the spell available in a way that didn’t need everyone to personally visit Robin so that he could play the specially engineered recording, and talk them through the spell.

So we created a new recording.

This is not a normal recording. It uses the same specially engineered harmonic frequencies that help your brain tune in to the all-connecting morphic fields (MFs). And on the recording, you hear Robin himself guide you through the spell, exactly as he guided me.

The recording is only available through this website. You can download it instantly — today.

Then we wrote a companion guide to go with the recording. It explains all about the special objects you need with you when you perform the spell. They are easy to obtain, and you probably have them at home already.

We also wrote a casting schedule, which lays out on which days you should cast the spell for maximum effect. Since I got back with Clare, Robin and I have worked with several thousand people, and all that experience has allowed us to optimise the casting schedule to get the best results as fast as possible without overcasting the spell (overcasting happens if you cast too often).

The casting schedule works in such a way that you can begin casting on any day, there’s no special day of the week or time of the month (and certainly no moon phases or anything like that). So you could download it today and do your first casting today.

We worked very hard to condense the casting guide and schedule into just few pages. That way you can read it and start performing your spell as quickly as possible.

The harmonic recording can be played on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, and the guide can also be read on any device (or printed out if you prefer).

The Only Way…

…to guarantee that a love spell has been cast for you, is to do it yourself. Sending money to scammers and con artists who tell you they are voodoo witch doctors is a folly. No matter how convincing they sound, the only way you can ever be certain that a love spell has been cast, is to cast it yourself.

Before now, that has been impossible, because harnessing the forces of quantum entanglement and limbic resonance used to take years of training and practise.

But now you can do exactly that, and we’ve made it super easy. Our simple step-by-step casting guide walks you through the process, and Robin literally talks you through it. Not only is it easy, it’s fun and relaxing too.

You Deserve To Love And Be Loved

Robin and I want you to experience the same elation I felt when I first cast this spell. We want you to feel that kick in your chest when your heart steps up a gear because you know, right there deep inside you, that you’ve made a connection and that the person you want so badly, the one you are craving right now, will soon be with you. And we want you to feel that explosive burst of joy — like you’re walking on air — that will happen the day they come knocking on your door, or they phone you, and they say those magic words.

That’s why we worked so hard to make this morphic spell accessible to everyone. Because everyone deserves to love and to be loved.

We used to charge $97 for the spell. It was a hard choice, after all, we wanted to help as many people as possible, and we knew that putting a price on the kit would prevent some people from being able to use it. But we also had to cover the costs of this website, of developing the spell (especially the harmonic recording), and our time in supporting those who needed assistance with the spell. But now, we are delighted to say, the Morphic Love Spell is just $29.95. Our costs haven't gone away, but we have recovered some of our development costs, and after much discussion, we have decided we can 'swallow' some of the other costs ourselves. We just think it's too important to make the spell available to the widest audience possible.

Ready For Love?

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